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Naomi Rogers

Fields of research and interest:
19th and 20th century history of alternative medicine, especially in North America; Women, medicine and health in 19th and 20th century North America; History of disease and public health in 20th -century North-America; Health-activism in 1960s and 1970s

Ongoing projects:
Sister Elisabeth Kenny; Polio and American medicine in the 1940s; Student health radicals in the United States, 1965-1975; Medical populism and alternative medicine

Contacts with journals, newsletters, institutions:
On editorial board of Nursing History Reviewer; Ms reviewer for most English-language history of medicine journals

Bibliography of recent (since 1993) monographs and articles:


  • Dirt and Disease: Polio before FDR (New Brunswick, 1992).
  • An Alternative Path: The Making and Remaking of Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia (New Brunswick, 1998).


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  • Teaching Women’s Health into the 21st Century, in: Women and Health 37 (June 2003) (forthcoming).

Suggestions to the network:

Thematic conferences often work well; and what about a conference on alternative medicine and popular culture?

Position: Assistant Professor, Section of the History of Medicine and Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Yale University
Address: Section of the History of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven CT 06520, USA
Telephone: 001-203-7854338
Fax: 001-203-7374130