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Osamu Hattori

Fields of research and interest:
Social history of homoeopathy in Germany; Relationship between German homeopaths and Japanese kanpo-doctors

Ongoing projects:
The visit of Dr. Sakaguchi (a kanpo-doctor) to Stuttgart in 1950’s as a missonary for the oriental medicine, especially acupuncture

Contacts with journals, newsletters, institutions:
Seikoen clinic, Kyoto, Japan

Bibliography of recent (since 1993) monographs and articles:


  • Doitsu „shirouto-Ishi” Dan (The Laymen Association in Germany: Homoeopathic Social Movement) (Tokyo, 1997).


  • Co-operation and Tensions between Homoeopathic Lay Societies and Homoeopathic Doctors: the Homoeopathic Lay Movement in Württemberg during the Professionalisation of the Medical Profession, 1868-1921, in: Martin Dinges (ed.): Patients in the History of Homoeopathy (Sheffield, 2002), 259-281.
Position: Associate Professor, Faculty of Letters, Doshisha University, Kyoto
Address: Institute for Cultural History, Faculty of Letters, Doshisha University, Imadegawa-dori Karasuma Higashi-iru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8580, Japan
Telephone: 0081-75-2513378
Fax: 0081-75-2513059