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Ubiratan Cardinalli Adler

Fields of research and interest:
Clinical, historical, pharmaceutical
Hahnemann- Organon 6.ed. - LM or Q potencies

Ongoing projects:
Treatment of depression with Homeopathy (Q potencies) or Fluoxetine: RCT in brazilian's public health system. (ongoing doctorate, Federal University of Sao Paulo)
Coordinator of the Homeopathy Post-graduation Programme - Jundiaí School of Medicine - São Paulo, Brazil
Coordinator of a teamwork for production of Q potencies of standardized quality in Brazil (since early 90’s)
Coordinator of a teamwork for the development of a search-software of pure Materia Medica

Homeopathic Links
Federal University of Sao Paulo

Bibliography fo recent (since 1993) monographs and articles:


  • Nachweis von 681 Q-Potenzen in den französischen Krankenjournalen Samuel Hahnemanns, in: Medizin, Gesellschaft und Geschichte 13 (1994), 135-166.
  • (with Cesar , A. T. u. a.) LM or Q potencies: retrospection of its use during 15 years in Brazil, in: Homeopathic Links 2, 18 (2005), 87-91.
  • The influence of childhood infections and vaccination on the development of atopy: A systematic review of the direct epidemiological evidence, in: Homeopathy 94, 3 (2005), 182-195.
  • (with Adler M. S) Hahnemann´s experiments with 50 millesimal potencies: a further review of his casebooks, in: Homeopathy 95, 3 (2006), 171-181
  • (with Cesar, A. T u. a) The harmful cure observed by Hering and Kent in contrast to Hahnemann´s gentle restoration of health, in: Homeopathic Links 19, 3 (2006) 121-127.
Position: Coordinator of Homeopathy Postgraduation Program - Jundiaí Faculty of Medicine
Address: Av. Moema, 170/52.
São Paulo/SP
Telephone: 5511 50525646
Fax: 5511 50525646