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A selection of our publications, see as e-books.

Medizin, Gesellschaft und Geschichte (MedGG)

The IGM publishes its own journal “Medizin, Gesellschaft und Geschichte”. An annual publication, the journal emphasizes the social history of medicine and the history of alternative methods of healing. Contributions are subject to peer review. Editor: Prof. Dr. Robert Jütte, Assistant Editor: Dr. Pierre Pfütsch.

Supplements to MedGG

The supplements of this journal include volumes of essays and monographs that are interdisciplinary and deal with important themes in the social history of medicine.


Samuel Hahnemann: Medical Case Studies

The Director of the Institute publishes the critical unabridged edition of Samuel Hahnemann´s medical case studies. The first volume was published in 1991 by K.F. Haug-Verlag, Heidelberg.


Sources and Studies on the History of Homeopathic Medicine

The IGM issues a series of scientific publications, including exceptional monographs, collections of sources, and dissertations on the history of homeopathic medicine.


Publications of the Institute

The IGM is also the publisher of its own works which include guides, bibliographies,brochures and media.


Minor Studies in the History of Homeopathy