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Advanced Training

The IGM organizes regularly special training seminars, workshops and international conferences so as to promote medical/historical research in the field of homeopathy. The list of courses and events which have taken place so far includes:
  • Historical Aspects of Homeopathic Medicine in Europe and North America (San Francisco 1993)
  • Weltgeschichte der Homöopathie (Stuttgart 1995)
  • Historical Aspects of Unconventional Medicine (Norköpping 1998)
  • Patients in the history of homeopathy (Stuttgart 1999) verbinden mit der Publikation (bei digitalisierte Texte)
  • Homöopathie in Mitteleuropa: Mode, Glaube, Wissenschaft? (Budapest 2003)
  • Homeopathy and Hospitals in History (Stuttgart 2007)
  • Medical Pluralism and Homoeopathy in India and Germany (1810-2010). Practices in a comparative perspective) (Stuttgart 2011)
  • In addition to the above, we took part with special panels at international conferences in Ribeirão Preto, Brasilien (2002) und Montevideo, Uruguay (2005)
  • Wien 2016
  • LMHI Kongress Leipzig 2017