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Medical Case Studies

The Critical Edition of Samuel Hahnemann’s 54 case studies represents an important contribution to the history of homeopathic medicine, by making primary material accessible to a broad public. In addition, it also contributes to contemporary uses of homeopathic medicine. 

Supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation, the project aims to cover the period 1801-1843. It includes German case studies with the archival signatures D2 to D38, as well as seventeen French case studies from Hahnemann’s period in Paris. The transcription of these documents is based on standardized guidelines that meet current philological standards. Each case study also features detailed commentaries. Research on these documents is conducted by medical students working on dissertations on the history of medicine. Prof. Dr. Robert Jütte is the Editor-in-Chief of this project, and is assisted by his colleague at IGM, Arnold Michalowski, M.A. 
Volumes already in print:
D2 (1801-1802), D3 (1802-1803), D4 (1802), D5 (1803-1805), D6 (1806-07), D16 (1817-1818), D19 (1819-1820), D22 (1821), D34 (1830), D38 (1834), DF5 (1837-1842), DF2 (1836-1842). 
Volumes currently in progress:
D7 (1807-1809), D36 (1831-1832), DF12 (1839-1843).