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Paulo Rosenbaum

Fields of research and interest:
History of Medicine
History of Homeopathy

Ongoing Projects:
NEAMS 7.0 - Quality of Life
Editor of “Cultura Homeopatica” (Magazine)

Contacts with journals, newsletters, institutions:
Associate researcher of Instituto Medicina Social - UERJ (Rio Janeiro)
Faculty of Medicine - USP - SP
Scientific Dep. Director ICEH - Escola de Homeopatia

Bibliography of recent (since 1993) monographs and articles:


  • Homeopatia: Medicina sob medida (Sao Paulo, 2005).
  • Between Art and Science: Hermeneutic Fundamentals of Homeopathy as Medicine of the Subject. (Doctoral Thesis, 2005).
  • Medicina do Sujeito. Editora Hylton Luz (Rio de Janeiro, 2004).
  • Homeopatia: Medicina Interativa, História Lógica da Arte de Cuidar. Imago Editora (Rio de Janeiro, 2000).
  • Homeopathy as medicine of the subject: historical roots and epistemological frontiers. (Master degree, Sao Paulo, 1999).
  • Fundamentos de Homeopatia para Estudantes de Medicina (São Paulo, 1999).
  • Miasmas - Saúde e Enfermidade na Prática Clínica Homeopática (São Paulo, 1998).
  • (with Benoit Mure): Patogenesias brasileiras (São Paulo, 1998).
  • Homeopatia e Vitalismo (São Paulo, 1996).


  • What is this end anyway?, in: Homeopathy, 95, 1 (Jan. 2006), 55-6.
Position: MD. MSc. Ph. D
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