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Mária Kóczián

Fields of research and interest:
History of homeopathy in Hungary; Interested in the well known Hungarian patients of homeopathy in 19th century and the life and work of Gustav Schimert (1877-1955) who was the most significant homeopath in the 20th century Hungary

Ongoing projects:
Research of the life and work of Gustav Schimert

Contacts with journals, newsletters, institutions:
Hungarian medical, homeopathic, alternative medicinal and medical historical periodicals, like: Komplementer Medicina, Simile etc. In contact with Livia Kolnei from the Semmelweis Museum, Library and Archives of the History of Medicine, Budapest

Bibliography of recent (since 1993) monographs and articles:


  • Homeopátia Magyarországon 1820-1990/ Homeopathy in Hungary 1820-1990 (Budapest, 2003).


  • A homeopátia története Magyarországon 1820-1950/ The history of homeopathy in Hungary 1820-1950, in: Komplementer Medicina, 8 (2000), 52-55.
  • Beszélgetés dr. Patay Istvánnal/ Interview with Dr. Patay István, in: Simile, 2 (2000), 4-9.
  • A homeopátia története Magyarországon 1820-1990/ The history of homeopathy in Hungary 1820-1990.
    Part 1, in: Simile, 1 (2001), 3-9.
    Part 2, in: Simile, 2 (2001), 34-39.
    Part 3, in: Simile, 3 (2001), 75-81.
    Part 4, in: Simile, 4 (2001), 106-111.
    Part 5, in: Simile, 1 (2002), 3-8.
  • „Vitam and sanguinem” Beszélgetés dr. Zajta Erikkel/ „Vitam and sanguinem” Interview with Dr. Zajta Erik, in: Simile, 4 (2002), 106-113.
  • A homeopátiás gyógyítás története/ History of Homeopathy in Hungary), in: Communicationes de Historia Artis Medicinae, Vol. XLVII (2002), 75-111.

Suggestions to the network:
I am very glad to be a member of this network. I hope I will be able to help the work of researchers and I will get help from the network too

Position: Master of History, Hungarian grammar and literature, Xántur János Secondary School Budapest