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Marijke Gijswijt-Hofstra

Fields of research and interest:
History of reception of homoeopathy in the Netherlands; Patients of homoeopathy, 19th and 20th century; History of psychiatry and mental health care in the Netherlands, 19th and 20th century

Ongoing projects:
Synthesis on psychiatry and mental health care in the Netherlands in the 20th Century; Patients of Rhijngeest, Sanatorium for nervous sufferers (based on patients’ records 1903-1940)

Bibliography of recent (since 1993) monographs and articles:


  • The Haverhoeks and their Patients: the Popularity of Unqualified Homoeopaths in the Netherlands in the Early Twentieth Century, in: Martin Dinges (ed.): Patients in the History of Homoeopathy (Sheffield, 2002), 213-236.
  • Critics and Converts of Homeopathy: the Dutch Debate in the Nineteenth Century, in: Robert Jütte, Guenter B. Risse (eds.): Culture, Knowledge, and Healing. Historical Perspectives of Homeopathic Medicine in Europe and North America (Sheffield, 1998), 89-110.
Position: Professor of social and cultural history, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Address: (private) Pr. Marijkestraat 42, 1077 XD Amsterdam
Telephone: (private) 0031-20-6795873; (work) 0031-20-5254459
Fax: 0031-20-5254429