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Nadav Davidovitch

Fields of research and interest:
History of homeopathic medical research; Placebo; Anti-vaccination movements and homeopathy; Swedenborgianism and homeopathy

Ongoing projects:
Anti-vaccinationists and homeopathy; Hahnemann’s monument (Washington D.C.); Health and immigration

Contacts with journals, newsletters, institutions:
Israel Society for the History and Philosophy of Science

Bibliography of recent (since 1993) monographs and articles:


  • Negotiating Dissent: Homeopathy and Anti-Vaccinationism at the Turn of the 20th Century, in: Robert Johnston (ed.): The Politics of Healing (Routledge) (forthcoming).
  • From a „Humble Humbug” to the „Powerful Placebo”: The Image of the Placebo in the Orthodox Alternative Medicine Debate, in „History of Human Experimentation, in: Advances in Bioethics Series (forthcoming).
  • Several recent publications in the field of health and immigration in the Israeli context (1920-1960).

Suggestions to the network:
More frequent use of e-mail discussions and newsletters

Position: Lecturer
Address: (work) Department of Health Systems Management, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva 84105, Israel; (private) 10 Shimon Hatarsi St., Tel Aviv 62492, Israel
Telephone: (private) 00972-50-465479; (work) 00972-8-6477421
Fax: (work) 00972-8-6477634