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Video Collection

The Robert Bosch Foundation - Institute for the History of Medicine offers information on homeopathic medicine through archives, library sources, documentary materials and pictures. The homeopathic-video venue completes the Institute’s full range of media sources.

The video collection remains small, but deals with segments from television programs, which have been significant in shaping public opinion on homeopathic medicine. This method of developing consumer demand is very important for homeopathic medicine. Since television programs almost always emphasize historical arguments, these television videos are an important source for modern medical history.

Moreover, the IGM has a collection of documentary videos donated by the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors.

Researchers interested in this audio-visual material must use the videos within the Institute and only for scholarly, non-commercial purposes. It is not possible to borrow the videos due to copyright laws-they simply must not be copied. Parties interested in obtaining a copy of these videos duly contact the copyright holders.
Compiler of the video collection is Maritta Schneider.

The video collection is slated for growth, mainly through media transmissions, in which the Institute has participated. The Institute also hopes to receive further gifts of videos from homeopathic organizations and societies.

Prof. Dr. Martin Dinges, May 2001