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Supplement 1: The Social Construction of Illness

Jens Lachmund / Gunnar Stollberg, Eds.:
The Social Construction of Illness. Illness and Medical Knowledge in Past and Present.
1992. 183 S., 8 Abb., kt.

1. Historical Perspectives on Health and Illness

The Social Construction of Illness in the Early Modern Period
Robert Jütte

Medicine and the History of the Body: The Lady of the Court
Barbara Duden

The Doctor, his Audience, and the Meaning of Illness. The Drama of Medical Practice in the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries
Jens Lachmund / Gunnar Stollberg

The Local Space of Medical Discourse. Disease, Illness and Hospital Architecture
Lindsay Prior

The Social Construction of Health: From Early Modern Times to the Beginnings of the Industrialization
Alfons Labisch

II. Aspects of Contemporary Medical Knowledge and Illness

Susan's Breathlessness - The Construction of Professionals and Laypersons
Dick Willems

Reconstructing Rational Minds: Psychiatry and Morality in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Allan Young

The Meanings of 'Transsexuality
Stefan Hirschauer

Talking and Doing. On the Phenomenology of Medical Diagnosis as Practical Theory and Action
Wolfram Fischer-Rosenthal

How are Medical Judgments transcribed? Occupational Physicians and Administrative Protocols
Nicolas Dodier

Bodies, Impairments and the Social Constructed: The Case of Hemiplegia
Annemarie Mol / Ant Lettinga

The Semiotic Perspective
Kathryn Vance Staiano

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