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History of Nursing

The Network for the History of Nursing (Netzwerk Pflegegeschichte) is an interdisciplinary cooperation of scientists (history, nursing sciences, sociology, political science, history of medicine, religious studies) from Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Germany. It developed in November 2007 out of a work group that had been established as part of a project to review sources on the History of Nursing. The Network supports the scientific exchange of research scientists on the History of Nursing and on the history of all non-medical health care professionals as well as the practices and activities employed by them. It is open as far as themes and contents are concerned. The Network keeps a members’ file of History of Nursing researchers in the German speaking realm. Its objectives are to promote the sharing of information (conferences, study groups, new literature etc.), provide a forum for presenting research projects and dissertations, intermediate between supply and demand (e.g. lectureships in the history of nursing) as well as set up an index of archives that are relevant to the History of Nursing.
The members’ file of research scientists is underway. Please contact the office for an application form if you are interested. The Network meets once a year.

The network is represented by two spokespersons: Anja Faber and Astrid Stölzle who are both also contacts for questions of content.

The network has its office at the Fachhochschule Frankfurt/Main (University of Applied Sciences), department for nursing documentation and the Hilde-Steppe-Archives.