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FAQs concerning the small travelling exhibition

How many components does the exhibition consist of once it is set up?
There are 10 display stands (2.22 x 0.80 m) that are grouped and to which 10 exhibition panels (1.20 x 0.65 m) can be attached. The whole system can be arranged in a line, but also in other formations such as a z-shape or an open rectangle. It is important that the panels can be seen from both sides.
The height of the uniform display stands is adjustable between 2.22 and 2.27 m to make up for uneven ground surfaces.

What costs are involved?
A borrowing fee of €90.00 per month is payable in advance. The borrower commits to taking out ‘nail to nail’ insurance to the value of €15,000.00 for the loan period. The borrower is liable for any damage to the exhibition. A copy of the insurance policy must be submitted in advance.

How long does it take to set up the exhibition?
The small exhibition can be set up in one to three hours depending on technical skill.

Which tools are needed for setting up the exhibition?
A screw driver (best electrical) is needed to open the chests. The tool needed for installing the exhibition are contained in the chests(1 slotted and 1 cross-tip screwdriver, 1 Allen key, 1 flat spanner (17mm) to adjust the height.

How much space is needed for storage?
For the small exhibition a storage space of c. 2.40 m (length), 0.90 m (height) and 1.00 m (width) is needed.

How is the exhibition supplied?
The small exhibition arrives in three wooden chests, 1 chest for the 10 panels, 2 chests for the display stands.

Are there any installation instructions?
Because the installation is so simple, no instructions are supplied, but the following points need to be considered:

  1. The bottom height has to be set with a flat spanner using the adjusting nuts provided. The feet must not be turned!
  2. To insert the picture panels into the frames one only needs to loosen the two screws in the top rail of the frame.

Size and weight of the individual components?
1 chest (length: 1.46 m, width: 0.77 m, height: 0.15 m): 70 kg
2 chests (length: 2.40 m, width: 0.90 m, height: 0.37 m): 140 kg
Total weight: 350 kg

What vehicle is needed to transport them?
A van is sufficient.

What is needed for loading and unloading?
Because of the weight of the chests four strong people are necessary for loading and unloading.

Contact person for booking the exhibition

Archivist Prof. Dr. Martin Dinges
Institut für Geschichte der Medizin der Robert Bosch Stiftung  
Straußweg 17
D-70184 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711 / 46 08 41 67 (direct)
Tel.: 0711 / 46 08 41 71+72 (Secretaries)
Fax: 0711 / 46 08 41 81

Contact person for the technical procedure

Archivist Sandra Dölker
Institut für Geschichte der Medizin der Robert Bosch Stiftung Stuttgart
Straußweg 17
D-70184 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711 / 46 08 41 70
Fax: 0711 / 46 08 41 81