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Lyn Brierley-Jones

Fields of Research: History of homeopathy in Britain and America from 1870 to 1920. Focusing particularly on the research programme within homeopathy at this time, its contribution to medical treatments and medical science, and the relationship between the epistemologies of homeopaths and allopaths.

Ongoing Projects: Waiting to hear about funding for a two year project (ESRC) mapping the various research traditions and projects existing in homeopathy at the moment and investigating ways in which communication between homeopathy and allopathy may be facilitated and problem sharing and collaborative problem solving may begin.


  • Fellow of the Wolfson Research Institute
  • Research, if proposal successful, will be conducted at the University of Durham.
  • BHA newsletter
  • Member of HRN -Homeopathy Research Network, UK


  • Brierley-Jones L.K. and Russell A.R. (2008) ‘Supporting Students Writing for Community Based Learning’ letter accepted to Medical Teacher (1.229). In press.
  • Brierley-Jones L.K. (2005) ‘Taming the Beast- How Homoeopaths and Allopaths Handled Error in the Last Quarter of the 19th Century in Britain and America’ in Medizin, Gesellschaft und Geschichte Med GG 24 181-206
  • Brierley-Jones L.K. (2004) ‘Recovering Homoeopathic Science at the turn of the 20th Century: An Exercise in Tory Historiography’ in Wellcome History, feature article February edition pp2-3.
  • Brierley-Jones L.K. (2003) Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMS) Conference Report September 2002 in Wellcome History February edition p 13
  • Brierley-Jones L.K. (2002) ‘Plural Medicine: Traditions and Modernity 1800-2000’ for Wellcome History Book Review October edition.


Position: Researcher
Address: The University of Sunderland
Edinburgh Building
City Campus
Chester Road

Telephone: +44 (0)191 515 3492