To arrive by car

1 By Autobahn via Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen (A81)

Take B10 and B27 in the direction of S-Zentrum up to the main train station. From there go left in the direction of S-East and drive past the train station to the Konrad-Adenauer Straße (Staatsgalerie). Turn right (direction S-Degerloch, airport) and stay in the right lane. Pass the Staatstheater and Landtag and go as far as Charlottenplatz. Turn left here in the direction of S-Degerloch and turn onto the Charlottenstraße. At the fourth traffic light, turn left onto Alexanderstraße. Continue on to the Gerokstraße. The entrance to the Heidehofstraße (Straßenbahn stop) veers off to the left of the entrance to Gerokstraße. Continue on Heidehofstraße, pass the Robert Bosch Foundation to your left, up to the last cross street, turn left once more, and at the end of this cul-de-sac lies the IGM.

2 By Autobahn via Stuttgart-Flughafen (A8)

Head towards Stuttgart through Mittlere Filderstraße. At the T.V. tower head towards the S-Zentrum. At the end of Pischkestraße turn left onto the Gänsheidestraße (direction Zentrum), then follow the Straßenbahn to the Gerokstraße. Turn right at the Straßenbahn stop Heidehofstraße. Pass the Robert Bosch Foundation to your left and continue to the last cross street. There turn left once more and at the end of this cul-de-sac lies the IGM.

3 By Autobahn via Stuttgart-Degerloch (A8)

Head in the direction of the S-Zentrum up to the end of Schnellstraße (B27) on the Albplatz in S-Degerloch. From there go onto Jahnstraße, pass the T.V. tower to Gerokstraße, and continue over Pischkestraße to Heidehofstraße. (See directions above).