New acquisitions for the collections

A unique sollection of over 150 letters from homeopathic physicians from the period 1828 to 1843 was recently acquired in Switzerland. Among them are 21 letters from Samuel Hahnemann to Joseph Attomyr (1807-1856). Joseph Attomyr, who was also the family doctor of the Duke of Lucca, practiced for many years as a family doctor in Budapest and is considered a pioneer of homeopathy in Hungary. Other letters to Attomyr were written by homeopaths such as Johannes Ernst Stapf (1788-1860), Gustav Wilhelm Groß (1794-1847), Anton Schmitt (1793-1862) and Gustav Schréter (1803-1864). The letters, which were collected in two volumes, need to be partially restored. They represent an important source for the history of homeopathy and the connection between the homeopathic medical profession in the 19th century, especially in Eastern Europe.
IGM fond Samuel Hahnemann A 1932



This homeopathic medicine chest (around 1900) by Willmar Schwabe was bought at an auction last November at the Nagel auction house in Stuttgart. It contains 40 bottles and is in excellent conservational condition. Regarding the origins, it is only known that the casket came from the estate of a pharmacist in the Württemberg region. The complete medicine chest is currently on display in the institute and can be presented to visitors (registration required).
Object collection IGM No. 1036