European Association for the History of Medicine and Health - Network Series

Culture, Knowledge, and Healing. Volume 3, 1998
Historical Aspects of Unconventional Medicine. Volume 4, 2001
Patients in the History of Homeopathy. Volume 5, 2002

Notes on Contributors
Introduction: Patients in the History of Homeopathy, Martin Dinges
'And [the money] accumulates, without annoyance on the part of the patient, in the doctor's purse': Samuel Hahnemann and the Question of Fees, Robert Jütte
Was Hahnemann Driven out of Leipzig? The Leipzig Practice and why Hahnemann Moved to Köthen in 1821: Patient Numbers and Polemics, Kathrin Schreiber
The Experience of Illness and the Doctor-Patient Relationship in Samuel Hahnemann's Patient Correspondence, Michael Stolberg
Men's Bodies 'Explained' on a Daily Basis in Letters from Patients to Samual Hahnemann (1830-35), Martin Dinges
Children as Patients in Early Homeopathy, Iris Ritzmann
Class, Status and Gender: Toward a Sociology of the Homoeopathic Patient in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Phillip A. Nicholls
Patients of Russian Pre-World War I Homoeopathy, Alexander Kotok
'Patients don't care from where the cure comes': Patients' Choice of a Homoeopathic Folk Healer in Iceland, Sigríður Svana Pétursdóttir
Sören Jensen: a Danish Homoeopath, his Time and his Patients (1874-84), Anna-Elisabeth Brade
Léon Vannier's Patients in the 1930s, Olivier Faure
The Haverhoeks and their Patients: the Popularity of Unqualified Homoeopaths in the Netherlands in the Early Twentieth Century, Marijke Gijswijt-Hofstra
Homoeopathy in Nineteenth-Century Flanders: the Patients of the Ghent Homoeopath Gustave van den Berghe (1869-902), Anne Hilde van Baal
Co-operation and Tensions between Homoeopathic Lay Societies and Homoeopathic Doctors: the Homoeopathic Lay Movement in Württemberg during the Professionalisation of the Medical Profession, 1868-1921, Osamu Hattori
The Homoeopathic Patient in General Practice: Findings of a Comparative Poll of Patients in Conventional Medical Practices and Homeopathic Private and Health Insurance Scheme Practices, Martina Günther and Hans Römermann
Homoeopathy from the Patient's Standpoint: an Empirical Study in the City of Curitiba (Brazil), 1998-99, Lore Fortes and Ipojucan Calixto Fraiz
Patients and Homoeopathy: an Overview of Sociological Literature, Gunnar Stollberg
The Influence of Patients in the Provision of Homoeopathy in Great Britain: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Bernard Leary
The Public Face of Homoeopathy: Politics, the Public and Alternative Medicine in the United States, 1900-40, Naomi Rogers
Struggle for Survival: the American Foundation for Homeopathy and the Preservation of Homoeopathy in the United States, 1920-30, Anne Taylor Kirschmann
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